A proven, practical system used by Champions

The usage of a combination from Kreutzer's Herbssystem has been tested during many years by many great international champions.

These tests created the following system. "Kreutzer Herbs" since 1980!

During the flight season:

Monday                            : Pigeon T-Special

Tuesday                            : Pigeon T-Special

Wednesday                       : fresh Water

Thursday                          : Pigeon Garlic Special

Friday                               : Fresh water, VS Special with Oké Speciaal over the food.

Moulting- and winterperiode (cyclus of 3 weeks)

Week 1 and 2

Monday                            : Pigeon T-Special

tuesday                            : Pigeon T- Special

Thursday                          : Pigeon Garlic Special

Week 3

Monday                            : Pigeon Combischors

Tuesday                            : Pigeon Combischors

Thursday                           : Pigeon Garlic Special

Young pigeons  (cyclus of 3 weeks) (Improves the intestinal flora and helps with prevention against the Herpes virus)

Week 1 en 2

Monday                             : Pigeon Desinfection Total

Thuesday                           : Pigeon Desinfection Total

Thursday                           : Pigeon Garlic Special

Week 3

Monday                             : Pigeon Combischors

Thuesday                           : Pigeon Combischors

Thursday                           : Pigeon Garlic Special


To prevent problems with the bornchial tubes of your pigeons. Further wil moths and mosquitos stay out of your pigeon Lofts because the don't like the fresh air. Pro air will improve the climate in the lofts. You can use our easy Vortex system to circulate the Pro air automatically!