After long years of studying plants and herbs, the German herbalist Arnold Maubach came up with a whole product line for homing pigeons. The cooperation with Dutchman Nico Kreutzer from Echt was the foundation for our present company. Kreutzer's natural products have existed for several decades and have built a great and reliable reputation among pigeon fanciers. Our products are made of herbs and vegetable extracts and no chemical or synthetic

preparations are added.

Not only will our products increase the resistance to diseases in pigeons, they also have a healing effect. This unrivalled natural system will keep
your pigeons in good shape, throughout the year.

Since 2009 is the Kreutzer Herbs concept back in Business. The company Gut-Schaesberg U.G. bought it so pigeon owners have the possibility to by their favourite products again. The breeding pigeons and the flight pigeons have to be in good shape for pairing. Therefore, you should give them Kreutzer's Natural Products right away. It has a preventive effect to diseases. Antibiotics, as we all know, are lethal to homing pigeons.

Well balanced food is very important to get high results. You can use the Kreutzer natural product to get strong healthy pigeons so they feel great en fly as never before.

With Kreutzer´s natural products you´ll have a head start!

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